“Clean Slate” Mortgage Program

Has making financial mistakes or being human prevented you from getting a house and having your own property to call home? If you find yourself answering “yes”, Mortgage Loan corporation recommends letting us help you get out of the draconian vice grip the housing industry has put you in for the last decade or so! If you find yourself answering “no”, well, stick around anyway because you’ll want to know about this new program we’re putting in place!

The “Clean Slate” program is our new offering to help Sevier County residents with less than perfect credit and lending history find mortgage solutions for their housing needs. We’ll keep it short and simple:

Our “Clean Slate” program features:
* One full day out of bankruptcy or foreclosure! No prior rent verification needed.
* 24 month bank statement deposits as income for self-employed borrowers, primary residences, second/vacation houses and investment properties.
* Credit scores as low as 580 will be eligible!
* Fannie Mac/Freddie Mac Loans – 97% on primary residential properties, 90% on secondary homes/vacation houses, 85% investment property (count projected rental income to qualify).
* FHA Loans – 96.5% (203K), renovations allowed, credit scores as low as 580 eligible, mobile/modular homes eligible.
* VA Loans – 100% financing allowed. 100% cash out. Mobile and modular homes eligible.
* USDA Loans – 100% financing allowed. All of Sevier County qualifies!
* 2nd Mortgages – avoid private mortgage insurance, 80%/15% split for primary residence, 80%/10% for second/vacation homes.

At Mortgage Loan Corporation, we’re committed to making it easier than ever to obtain a mortgage and, thusly, the home of your dreams!

Call us today at the phone number listed at the right, or go to our contact page to write us for any questions or interest you have in getting a fresh start!